2018 Real Estate Investing Plan – Step 1 – Big Why

Real Estate Investing Plan - Step 1 - Big Why

Your Big Why

Hi, my, name’s John. Im with REI Wealth Academy.com Today Im going to be talking to you about number one thing to get started in real estate.

Now there’s a number of places that people like to start but one place that REI Wealth academy really hones in on is we really try to start to answer one simple question and that’s, why? So in order to start that sometimes you have to, ask, some other questions what  how, when.

I know they seem a little bit simplistic in some way but you have to define what it is you want. Maybe you can remember back to a day in high school or something you wanted to go out

for a play. You wanted to play a sport whatever it was there had to be a definite what.

I want to go be on the sports team. I want to go try out for this but, okay, how.

Well that kind of depended on the things you needed. Maybe you needed cleats maybe you needed to get a script. Whatever that was

you. You always had a how to get there and to win. Well that was dictated obviously by other people.

You had a tryout date a certain point in time or had to schedule it. You had steps on how to go through, that process and when it had to be done by. But the ultimate goal was to do a

certain thing to be in a play to be on a sports team whatever that was. The fun the interesting thing though is you may not have

actually answered the question of why. You  may not even been able to articulate it but in reality the thing that sustains us is that ability to articulate the   Why.

To be in touch with that reason so one of the things that    we do in our REI Wealth Academy is to write it down.

We specifically put it down on paper in order to put it up in front of us because research has continued to come out and show that the

more that you can put a reason for doing something the more likely it is you’re going to achieve the result.

The more likely it is going to be able to sustain your energy levels, your courage all those types of things of a worthwhile goal that you have and the reason why you’re accomplishing

that goal is a huge portion of you being able to do anything so I personally my big why is being able to do stuff like this, this is the reason why i have this

crazy stuff behind me had my daughter’s second birthday party recently I don’t want money to ever be a decision of  how much we can love on, how much we can invite friends, have people over to breathe into her life and for her to bless other people’s

lives, and that’s something that brings a ton of joy to me and my wife and that would be one big reason, why i’m doing real estate investing.

Why i’m being a student with REI Wealth Academy and getting out there and trying to take action on the things that need to get  done because I have definite, goals with the definite why behind those goals.

That’s what I encourage you to do. Go ahead and click on the free guide that

we also have there if you would like but, keep checking in back here subscribe on Facebook, You Tube and twitter @wealthinrei anywhere that you can find us on social media as well be sure to follow us there, we’ll be coming out with tips, every week,

strategies guides those types of things to try to help you get started and as always if you, want to get more information we love pouring into people’s

lives to be able to do that and figure out how we can get you from where you are right now to where it is you want to be and helping you be able to  define that so with that this is John signing off for REI Wealth Academy. We hope to see you with our group as well.

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