“Bandit Sign Police” Be Gone!


Ever put up bandit signs only to be asked to remove them by local authorities?

Or maybe you’ve put them up only to find someone else has removed them for you… Either way, it’s annoying. So how can you get around the “Bandit Sign Police”?

If you have a vehicle with a rear window, you don’t need to place bandit signs around the neighborhood. Just put the message on your back window and drive around town!

When you’re not driving, your vehicle is parked, right? Guess what that means? Everyone in the parking lot who walks or drives past your vehicle sees the sign. And just maybe they’ll resonate with your message.

Look at the messages shown on the vehicles pictured in this article.

  • Did they catch your eye?
  • Did one capture your attention more than the other?
  • Do you think maybe they’d catch the attention of passersby?

Sure they would. And they do!

These window signs don’t cost a bunch to have created and they work well. They don’t fully replace the need for bandit signs, which can work really well… but they’re a good alternative and a great supplemental marketing technique.

Just remember that people have literally seconds to read your message… just like in the case of bandit signs. Use the ones shown above as your guide. Test a few messages out before having them placed on your vehicle.

And don’t forget your doors.

Online you can find very low-priced magnet signs for your vehicle’s front doors. We say “front” doors because if you live in an HOA, there could be a rule in place that dictates that these magnetic signs can only be showcased on your front doors. (Strange but true.)

BTW, you may want to check with your HOA about the window signs. You might be surprised that an HOA would have such power, but some do.

If you live in an HOA-free zone, good for you.

Go for it.

Put signs everywhere and on your vehicle, too!!

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