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The Only Thing More Expensive Than Education Is Ignorance

– Ben Franklin

  • Of the people working solo, 70% return to the work force due to lack of socialization – Working Solutions
  • Of the small businesses that fail, 90% do so because of a lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner – Dunn and Bradstreet
  • In 70% of small business failures, a key factor was the owner not recognizing or ignoring weaknesses and then not seeking help. – SCORE & U.S. Bank

Do You Really Need A Coach?

The answer is a resounding “YES!” Can you go it alone? Sure. You can do it by yourself. But it takes a rare individual who is able to work at his optimum capacity by himself. Most people either troll along rather sluggishly, making progress, but not nearly enough as they could be making OR they get off track and distracted OR WORSE, get paralyzed by fear of failure and needlessly reach a standstill.

The truth is, those who are serious about taking their real estate investing game or business to the next level hire a coach! Everyone needs a coach, even the experts. Think about the following:

Professional athletes
Where would LeBron James be without a coach? Would he still have some serious athletic skills? Of course. But coaches have helped hone his skills and he’s one of the top athletes in the nation.

The wise CEO knows he needs help and there are hundreds of programs out there designed to help coach CEO’s into being the best leader they can be for their company.

Small business owners
A small business rarely grows into a larger business without outside help and consulting.

Real Estate Investors
We’ve been in the real estate investing business for years now and we haven’t run across a single real estate investor who is highly successful who has not had a coach. The successful real estate investors know they need help and advice from a qualified coach.

And Me
A while back I realized that I needed some outside perspective in my business in order to take it to the next level. So we hired a coach. I can’t tell you the difference coaching has made in my life and business. Having a coach/mentor helped guide us, encourage us, challenge us, and give us new ideas and direction which has made all the difference. Certainly in our deals, but also in our perspective and motivation.

Why Get A Coach?

There are numerous reasons you should get a coach. Here are just a few:

  • Coaches see things you can’t see. They have an outside perspective and have had the opportunity to see many different real estate investing deals and have a broader perspective.They provide clarity and focus. It can be easy to get distracted or focus on things that are less important.
  • Coaches help you get and stay on track.
  • Coaches help you create a plan They can help you come up with a plan that is specific to you, but they have the added advantage of having seen what works and what doesn’t work in many real estate investing deals. They can help you come up with a better plan than if you were flying solo.They help you prioritize your activities. Sometimes we can end up focusing on things that are less important. A coach helps you focus on the first things first and lets you know which activities are the most important for you to tackle…and in what order!
  • Coaches hold you accountable. This is a big one. Without accountability, people are much more likely to stall or lose momentum. A coach can help keep you accountable to staying on task, meeting deadlines and taking the necessary steps to take you to the next level.
  • They provide you access to bigger players in your industry. Coaches are better connected and in most cases, have much more experience than their students. Because of their expertise and connections, they can help you become better connected with others.
When you consider who to work with as your coach, make sure to ask them if the above value is what you receive in your coaching when you work with them.

Practicing the above is smart indeed, starting off on the right foot doing real estate investing deals is a MUST HAVE to good financial sense.


Different Types of Coaching
One coach can’t meet your every need. That’s why there are different types of coaches out there. Many people even have multiple coaches. A few years ago, a colleague of mine was always raving about her coach. Finally I asked her for her coaches’ contact information. Her response? “Which one?” She had different coaches for different parts of her business as do many people.
Mindset coaching
A mindset coach helps you transform by helping you achieve the right mindset.
Business strategy and planning coaching
This kind of coach helps you formulate an effective business strategy and helps you create a plan for moving forward at a healthy pace.
Technology coaching
A technology coach is exactly as it sounds. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds each year, it’s impossible to stay on top of everything that your business may need. A technology coach can help keep you ahead of the curve and help you to focus on the most important things.
Topic specific areas
Coaching can also take the form of presentations or high end workshops. These can be helpful if you need to hone in on a certain skill in more depth with an expert, such as people analysis, product analysis or pricing analysis in your real estate investing deals.
Working With A Coach
Just as there are different types of coaches, there are also different types of coaching that meet different needs. You have to discern which type of coaching is right for you at different stages in your business.
One-on-one coaching

In this type of coaching, you meet with your coach one on one. Coaches charge a pretty high rate for this, because you have direct access to them. It can be set up like a full day of initial coaching, and then you meet at regular intervals after that, and then unlimited email coaching.I used to offer hourly one-on-one coaching, but as my business grew, my time grew more limited. Now I offer this kind of super intense coaching through my “EARN AS YOU LEARN DIRECT ACCESS”. This is for people who are really serious about taking their real estate investing business to the next level. To truly commit my one-on-one quality time to each apprentice, while they are doing deals I have a VERY limited number of spots available each year and would-be apprentices must be a good fit for one of these unique spots.

I offer a scaled down version of coaching. You’ve heard me talk about my “EARN AS YOU LEARN”.  It’s not a traditional one-on-one coaching concept, but is virtual coaching via group with training by Roberta Eastman, Business Management Medic; guest trainers and me when I’m available. I developed this program to specifically aid and coach those of you going through this course at a very affordable rate. Most one-on-one coaching is beyond the price range of those just starting to build their business and I really want to see each and every one of you succeed! Use your exclusive facebook page link to post your questions.

At this point I don’t have many spots left, but I do have a few if you are interested in getting some feedback, having your own personal forum to interact and post questions you may have, and have your deals graded and give feedback to you on your assignments. Here there is ample opportunity to get your questions asked and answered.

So if you need extra help, it’s out there for you. I only take on 60EARN AS YOU LEARN WITH DIRECT ACCESS members total at a time because of the personalized nature of the coaching and it’s first come, first served.

Group coaching
Group coaches teach a whole group of people at the same time. Obviously, it’s less expensive than one-on-one coaching, but you still get a whole lot out of the experience. Sometimes people can weave in some short one-on-one coaching into the group coaching, but for the most part it’s a “one to many” format.

When Roberta and I teach our monthly Real Estate Investors Wealth Academy Classes, via our “EARN AS YOU LEARN” this is a form of group coaching. We teach a concept to many people and you ask and get answered your questions from other participants as they come up in the coaching presentation. Use your facebook page link to post your questions.

Mastermind Coaching
Mastermind coaching is a little different.  Usually you have a facilitator.  That’s the coach.  But there’s 12 to 15 people in a room or on a conference line and each person gets to say what’s going right for them and then, where they need some help. They get interaction from the entire group and maybe a little more interaction from the facilitator.  It just depends on how the mastermind is set up.

I pay a steep price to participate in my Mastermind group with Roberta each year. However, it’s been worth its weight in gold through what I’ve learned, how my Mastermind leader and group have been able to help me hone my business and through the many connections I have made with others in our industry. And we have set up many joint venture projects with the members of our MasterMind group – webinars, product collaborations, speaking engagements, etc.

Laser Coaching
Similar to the concept of a laser itself, laser coaching might be a three-hour shot of coaching on one specific issue that may or may not have some follow up attached. Usually coach and student pinpoint one very specific issue that needs attention and in a short period of time address that issue or obstacle and together come up with an action plan.

Coaching is fundamental to any business. I know it’s hard to justify the investment until you see first-hand just how helpful coaching can be to your success. Once you see how effective and worthwhile a coach is, you will never want to be without one again!

Challenge:  If You Choose to Accept,  Get On the Job Training to Learn How To Negotiate Real Estate Investing Deals

1)    Answer the following questions:
a.    Do you truly believe you need a coach? Why or why not?
b.    List any factors that are standing in your way from hiring a coach right now.
c.    What kind of coaching does your real estate investing need right now?
2)    Write down a date for which you want to have found and hired a coach for your real estate investing. If you are ready this week, go ahead and start working with him/her!
3)  Next Step:  Learn more about Real Estate Investors Wealth Academy coaching. Click the links below to discover your coaching opportunity today!