Real Estate Investing 101… Just DO It!


How do you get ahead in anything you do?

We’ve thought about this one over the years as we’ve been building our business in real estate investing, learning and applying new lead-generation techniques that don’t break the bank and doing a whole lot of reading ourselves. We know you’re interested in all these things, too.

How do we know?

You’re here reading this article, aren’t you, which means you want to take action. So… what stops you? What exactly is holding you back?

The short answer is that YOU are holding yourself back.

The truth is that you have to be a DOER to get anything done. You can’t just sit around and think about “it” and hope somehow magically that “it” will get done.

So, what is a “doer” really?

We’re very upfront people, so let us say this… and this comes from our years of experience doing deals in real estate and meeting all sorts of people.

You’re either someone who sits around talking about doing something new (and yet never quite gets around to actually doing the things) or you are legitimately a doer. You are taking steps, even if they are small. If you’re the latter, you…

  • Are someone who takes action… who does what it takes to get ahead to reach your goals.
  • Are clear on those goals and have bothered to sit down and right out the steps
  • Make decisions, good or bad, and are willing to live with those decisions. (Mistakes aren’t going to kill you. We know. We’ve made plenty and do just fine.)
  • Have fear but don’t let it hold you back. Rather you push through your fears to get where you want to go.

In this first of a 2-part series of articles, we’re going to give you just a little insight into what it takes to be a doer as a real estate investor just like us.

We’ll cover the four questions you need to ask yourself to reach the success you crave:

  • What have I done to get where I am right now?
  • What do I need to do next to get to the finish line?
  • How do I continue on that path and should I gather a team to help me get to my goals?
  • How do I serve more people, because I know that serving others is the way I’ll also serve myself and reach my goals?

Let’s cover the first two now and save the last two questions for our next article.

What have YOU done to get where you are right now?

Everything you’ve done up to this point… every decision you’ve made… every action you have or haven’t taken… got you where you are this very moment. Maybe you’ve heard the old adage of your “best” decisions brought you to the place you are now.

Something like that anyway. The point is that every decision you’ve made thus far carried you here, where you are standing today. If they really were your best decisions, you have to ask yourself what happened.

Your best decisions include all those “things” you don’t get around to doing for whatever reasons. (And we can all come up with plenty of reasons, right? Yeah, they’re called “excuses.”)

We all think about things we want to accomplish. That’s a good thing. But if you only think about these things and never take any action you won’t get to your goals. That’s a tough truth, but it is very, very true.

If you just felt a little queasy or you felt a little offended, well, good. Maybe that will help you move forward.

At least it will give you food for thought.

We aren’t mean or pushy people. It’s just that we see a lot of wonderful people stall out and give up on their dreams. They do it a little bit every day by not taking action… They don’t take even the smallest of steps.

They don’t make to-do lists; they don’t really do anything.

You don’t want to be like “those people,” so why not start with something easy, like making a to-do list? Yes, it may sound simplistic, but it works to keep you moving forward. Every day! We do it here at REI Wealth Academy. It helps us. We even created a very short video on the subject. Take a look:

How does that other old adage go? The longest of journeys begins with a first step…

We want you to know something. And you need to embrace this thought… YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR DREAMS!! So don’t let the thought of the journey overwhelm you. Just focus on that first little step, then your next, then your next.

If you want to be a real estate investor who earns cashflow from rental properties month after month, guess what? You can. You truly can. But not just by thinking about it or making excuses like you’re too busy, you have kids, you attend school, your boss will get upset if you’re not dedicated to his program, or whatever else you can think of to say.

Truth is that when you’re starting out, real estate investing 101 is going to be something you do on the side. You aren’t just going to quit your day job. You’re going to have to put in some hard work and the time it takes to do your first deal and then your second. Then you’re on your way!

It takes time to build your portfolio, but the good news is that you can do it… maybe faster than you ever thought possible.

You have to stay focused on your goals, which is why we’re sharing this article with you now. We want to help keep you motivated and inspired. We want you to know that if we could do this thing called investing in real estate and earning good cashflow, so can you!

What do YOU need to do next to get to the finish line?

Now that you know that all your decisions and actions matter, let’s address your indecision and inaction.

This part’s pretty easy. Think about your action steps and write them down. Look at them frequently. Take the steps… one step at a time. Get the education you need. Find mentors you can work with. Get your questions answered and apply what you learn. Repeat that over and over.

Some people create vision boards or vision books. If you’re the visual type, you should try this and include pictures that you cut out of magazines.

If you’ve never tried this because you think it’s silly, that’s the first thing you need to correct in your thinking. It’s NOT silly. It will help you keep moving forward.

There’s something about seeing your words and the pictures that support your goals that does something kind of magical. It helps make things happen. It helps make things become real.

We do this. Yes, we really do.

One of the things we set our minds to was to create a cool series of educational videos. Guess what? We did it. And more. Here… take a look at one of them in a series we did that we hope you find helpful:

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

Hey, we didn’t make this up; it’s been around since the beginning of time. No matter what you call it, you can manifest your future and make it what you want it to be so you can stop working for other people’s dreams and goals.

We’re asking you to believe that you can achieve your own goals. We’re asking you to put some thought into what you want out of life and then take the action steps that you wrote down.

So, what do you need to do RIGHT NOW to get to your goals?

Maybe we can help. We created a 10-video educational series that answers a lot of your questions. We hope it will be helpful to you. Check it out now. Click into the box below:



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