Working with you is not something we do “to you” it’s something we do with you…

You are not alone in real estate investing when you work with Real Estate Investors Wealth Academy.  We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty right along with you.

We work to train you to get started, grow and master real estate investment analysis. Your part:  Take Action!

Property, price and people analysis in real estate investing is our system.  With us training you in these 3 areas and you taking action in all 3 areas is how you make money in real estate investing.

Meet the Students & Team:

“I have found over the years that people seem to understand you better if you say what you mean and mean what you say. I want the same back when I am dealing with anyone! It has served me well over the years and I have adjusted my training to use this same form…With my mentoring, with my rei club and with my life. It is crazy the deals that are out here right now and I want people to see that they can do this!” – Keith, Founder, REI Wealth Academy


As one of her clients famously says…” Working with Roberta I went from feeling like a kite stuck in a strong gust of wind to NOW having my feet planted firmly on the ground. – Roberta is about results…not excuses.”
When you work with Roberta Eastman, Business Management Medic, You work Action Plans & Accountability!